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The Speed of Thought

As I studied Einstein's thoughts on relativity, I found myself wondering, "what is the speed of thought?" There are several subtle mentions of this in the book (e.g., 14-40 milliseconds to get from brain to muscles on page 28 of chapter 2), but here's a more definitive paper in which researchers specifically measure pathways in the brain: It turns out, the speed of thought (20-"45 milliseconds for a signal to travel from the frontal to parietal regions of the brain"!) is much closer to the speed of sound in air (~1 foot per millisecond) than the speed of light-although rather frighteningly slow! Curiouser and curiouser. Here's there research:

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Thanks to Ben Chappell for sending this link to a nice playlist from the Fermi Lab that helps explain relativity in simple lay-person terms:

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