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King Lear @ Ground Zero


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The live band featured guitar virtuoso Mike Kelsey another in what is turning out to be a rather long line of great Lafayette Musicians, and Dane Carter of Pete Bogg fame. A few copies of the soundtrack can still be found at local stores or in boxes under some people's beds. It was definitely a show that created quite a little stir around town, and fueled the fire to create more.

  When my longtime playwriting and directing collaborator, Joel Fink left Colorado and became the director of the Theatre Conservatory at the Chicago College of the Performing Arts, we started developing new productions there, including our own adaptation of Edgar Allen Poe's works called An Unkindness of Ravens, a restaging of Joel and my musical theatre version of The Mandrake, and Cymbeline.

In 2000, I got together with another good friend and collaborator, Scott Meador, and a bunch of students from Purdue's Computer Graphics Technology Department, and created a new production called The Creature

  After 9/11, I put together a team of graduate students at Purdue University and developed King Lear @ Ground Zero, which we took to the 2003 Prague Quadrennial. King Lear @ Ground Zero explores the why behind the terrorist attacks, and in the process, looks inward at the United States: who we are, where we have been, what we've become, and what we still might be. In 2004, I worked with two different creative teams to develop A Turn of Seasons, and The Art of the Fugue....NEXT

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