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Rick Thomas Publications

2018 Music as a Chariot

An exploration of the concept that theatre is a type of music.

Available from Routledge and Amazon

2013 Theatrical Design and Production

J Michael Gillette's Classic Introductory Textbook contains a number of my drawings and documents related to sound design. Available from Amazon.

2010 Sound: A Reader in Theatre Practice

Ross Brown's excellent book contains a chapter I wrote about the temporal nature of sound in theatre. Available on Amazon.

2010 Tuning In to the Crystal Ball

An article for Professional Sound Magazine, in which we once again peer into the future and attempt to imagine how sound might progress...

2009 Hair Today, Hear Tomorrow

A report on Abe Jacob's 2008-2009 production of Hair for the Arizona Theatre Company. 

2008 The Designs of Abe Jacob

A biography of legendary Broadway sound designer, Abe Jacob.

Available on Amazon.

2007 Sound at the 2007 Prague Quadrennial

A report on the 2007 Prague Quadrennial which featured our pro-

auction of Labcoats on Clouds

2003 Time Marches Into the Prague Quadrennial

A report on our introduction of sound into the Prague Quadrennial which included both the first US and international exhibitions of sound. 

2003 Sound Related Programs in Higher Education

A conversation I had with Chicago sound designer and composer Rob Milburn about the challenges of getting a sound education.

2001 The Function of the Soundscape

My 2001 Journal article for USITT won the Herbert D. Greggs Award

for Outstanding Article

1999 The Long Road Home

A brief article I wrote on the way home from the 1999 USITT 

National Conference about the state of Sound Design in Theatre

1998 Sound Score Playback Options Part I

By 1998 the days of the 1/4" reel-to-reel tape recorder were numbered

and a whole new breed of sound playback devices appeared

1998 Sound Score Playback Options Part II

...but there were now so many options available that it took two 

articles to cover them all--few are still in production!

1996 Mid-Side Recording and Playback Techniques

A discussion of how Tom Mardike's reversed M-S microphone

techniques for a more spacious sound playback

1995 Using Computers to Create Sound Scores

The transition from tape recorder to digital audio was underway,

and this article examined basic techniques for preparing cues.

1995 Theatre Sound Cue Sheets

Techniques to create Sound Cue Sheets, much of which I still use 


1995 The Dramatic Auditory Space

Richmond Sound Design's Ken Bell and I explore techniques for

manipulating sound in space.

1995 Music as a Key

An unpublished article about using music to help actors find the

inner life of their characters

1995 Music as a Key

An unpublished article about using music to help actors find the

inner life of their characters

1989 Sound Systems for Educational Theatre

The Audio Engineering Society invited me to lecture at its international

conference on criteria for sounds systems in educational theatre.

1988 The Use of Copyrighted Materials in Live Theatre Productions

The legalities of using previously copyrighted material in theatre

1987 The Need for Union Representation for Theatre Sound Designers

Early efforts with Abe Jacob and Jack Shearing to organize Sound Designers

1985 The Present and Future of Audio in Theatre

Originally presented as "The Midied Theatre" at the 12th International Congress on Acoustics for the Acoustical Society of America

1982 Approaching Sound Design for Period Plays

My very first published article for Theatre Crafts Magazine

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