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The War Mosaic 


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Then while an undergraduate at Michigan State University I wrote and performed a one person show based on the life of Abraham Lincoln. Later, I was to create a new rock musical based on the Lysistrata called This Is My Country. It was never produced, although the creation of the music soundtrack became a mini event in itself, with all sorts of students, actors, musicians, etc. meeting in the basement of Fairchild Theatre for a couple of months of all night recording sessions.

When I got to Purdue in 1976 I went through a whole phase of creating overly elaborate multi-media shows that included 30 projector slide shows with surround sound and even film such as Travels With Ernie, Missile Epistle, and the show that caused enough political trouble to precipitate the demise of the endeavor, Hamalot.

Eventually the creative juices flowed again, and in 1990 I created an experimental production based on John Pielmeyer's Splatterflick, called Bloodbath of the Living Dead in 3D at the Stiemke Theatre in the Milwaukee Repertory Theatre Building. I wrote and recorded a great title theme with the infa-mous Brian Stu of The Problem With Jack. This was followed by another one person performance piece called Know Blood for Oil, which I performed at the 1991 War Mosaic at the Wells Cultural Center in Lafayette IN.

  One of the most satisfying pieces of theatre I have created has been the 1993 production of Awakening!, a punk-rock musical created with Mass Giorgini of Squirtgun fame and Quentin Flory of Strawberry Larry....NEXT

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