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Zeroing in on consciousness

In chapter 10 we more fully explore the eerily transcendent quality of humans known as consciousness. Scientists are finally zeroing in on key areas of the brain responsible for consciousness, including the central lateral thalamus: stimulating this area in macaque monkeys woke" the animals and elicit(ed) normal waking behaviors!" Here's the story: and here's the research:

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New research suggests that our memory may really only be as good as the brain's "tape recorder" which we describe in chapter 10 as echoic memory in the auditory cortex. Here's the story: https://www.t

In chapter 3 we raise the common question about the purpose of dreams in sleep. But there is an even wider oft-considered question about the purpose of sleep itself. New research reinforces that the b

Learning a new musical instrument? Thank the hormone oxytocin for helping develop and integrate synapses of new neurons into the adult brain, which provides the plasticity the brain needs to learn. He

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