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Pitch as Rhythm

Thanks to Mark Kincade for sharing Adam Neely's New Horizon in Music lecture on how pitch is actually music:, a fascinating further exploration of the concepts explored late in chapter eight between pitch and rhythm, and subsequently in chapter 12 when we discuss Pythagoras' conception of the harmony of the spheres. An interesting side note, the article that Neely cites, "Significant variations in Weber fraction for changes in inter-onset interval of a click train over the range of intervals between 5 and 300 ms" available at: explores the relationship between perception of pitch and rhythm and concludes that "...This phenomenon suggests the existence of two different neural mechanisms for processing of auditory sequences with fast and slow repetition rates." This difference relates to our discussion of entrainment in rhythm in chapter 6, and entrainment in consonance and dissonance, which we discuss in this chapter. The exact nature of these differences remains to be fully explored, but we discuss some of the most likely candidates in these two chapters.

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Rhythm and Color

Thanks to Sinhong Park for sharing this fascinating video that relates our propensity for rhythm in chapter 6 to our propensity for color in chapter 8:


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