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The Nature of Time

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Music = Time Manipulated

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Song = Music + Idea

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Theatre = Song + Mimesis
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  • Admin
    3 days ago

    Great introduction to the neuroscience of dreams on Netflix series, "The Mind Explained", episode two, "Dreams."One curious topic has to do with which animals dream, in which they suggest that many, if not all animals dream. Especially interesting is the discussion about how some species of birds "dream" to create new songs. Raises interesting questions about how we define a "dream." See our reference: Siegel, Jerome M. 1998. “The Evolution of REM Sleep.” In Handbook of Behavioral State Control, edited by Ralph Lydic and Helen A. Baghdoyan, 7.7–7.8. Boca Raton: CRC Press.
  • Admin
    3 days ago

    Episode one of the Netflix series, "The Mind Explained" focuses on "Memory". An excellent overview of many of the concepts discussed in this chapter.
  • Admin
    3 days ago

    Following a recent class discussion on why our memories are becoming so bad, this article appeared in my news feed: . Turns out that one cause of poor memory (chapter 10) is not paying attention in the first place (chapter 9).
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