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The War Mosaic - Richard K. Thomas, Greg Horn, Larry Smeyak
  When the United States invaded Kuwait during the first Gulf War in 1991, the local Lafayette community felt a need to respond, and I was invited to participate. My overwhelming reaction was simply to consider the heavy burden we bear as a result of our dependency on foreign oil.
  To dramatize this cost, I pulled out an original tape delay recording that I originally made with Dow Jones and the Industrials guitarist Greg Horn in the 1980's, that I had recreated with my friend Larry Smeyak (of Stone Soup) when the original was lost. 
  The tape delay was very simply accomplished by playing an old Electro-Voice Sound Effect record through our tape delay system and manipulating the feedback from the playback into the record head. The technique resulted in this recording.
  The performance was equally simple. I stood crucified center stage and
attempted to hold up two quarts of
thirty weight oil for 12:00, eventually
succumbing to the weight.
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