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King Lear Overture - Richard K. Thomas and Dennis Leas
  I received a phone call from the highly noted author and director, Robert Cohen, in 1986, asking me if I would like to design the sound score for his production of King Lear at the Colorado Shakespeare Festival. This would start a relationship with the festival that would last almost twenty years.
  For the overture, I contacted my good friend, percussionist Dennis Leas, and we improvised the overture in a single recording session. Dennis played the tympani, and I played sample tuned crystal and wolves recorded at Battleground's Wolf Park by my good friend and extraordinary audio engineer, Maurice Mogridge. 
  The sampler was a Prophet 2002, which featured a whopping 512 kbytes of 16 bit samples and 8 voice polyphony
  Dan Yang, the producer of the Colorado Shakespeare Festival, liked my score so much that he used it for his production at the Hong Kong Repertory Theatre in 1993.
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