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Titus Andronicus - Richard K. Thomas
  In 1988 Joel Fink started directing at the Colorado Shakespeare Festival, and as we had already worked together at Purdue, he asked me to create the sound score for their production of Titus Andronicus
  I still had my Prophet 2002 sampler, so I had my sound assistant, David Martin, go around town with a portable (Uher) tape recorder, and sample odd ball things wherever he could find them. These included dumpster lids slamming, banging on guide wires for telephone poles, and tapping on my glass piggy bankr with a rubber hammer.
  He brought them back to the sound studio and I sampled them and then used them as the percussion track to some haunting Japanese flute that I had found a college student who could play extraordinarily well ( I don't remember his name). I also managed to get him to play individual notes, and still have the samples from the instrument I built with them.
  This suite consists of most of the non-repetitive elements of the soundtrack.
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