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Bloodbath of the Living Dead in IIID - Richard K. Thomas and Bryan Stuhlmacher
  In 1990 the world of sound design and music composition was witnessing the birth of the computer and computer assisted sound score creation. For the 1990 USITT National Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, we wanted to showcase the new technologies in a way that would help the audience not only understand their capabilities, but the newfound freedoms they would unleash for theatre sound score designers.
  We enlisted the support of some of the pioneers of this technology: Mark of the Unicorn's Digital Performer (MIDI sequen-cer), Digidesign's Sound Tools (Hard Disk Recorder), EMU's Emulator (Digital Samp-ler), and Richmond Sound's Command Cue (Computerized Audio Control Sys-tem), and created a sound system capable of responding in real time to the actors' performance.
  We derived this demonstration from John Pielmeyer's Splatterflick, investi-gating in the process the relationship between sex and violence in the cinema. This is the title track.
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